Animated Displays

Suicide Prevention month Times Square billboard

During September 2016, the Trevor Project launched an awareness campaign for Suicide Prevention month that included downloadable resources, a PSA by actress Kira Kosarin, social media outreach, and an animated billboard in New York City. Located in the heart of Times Square on 43rd street and 7th Avenue, the 10 second animated billboard ran twice an hour, every hour for the entire month. The display prominently featured an animated Trevor star and inspirational headline "You Too Can Save a Life" as well as the social media hashtag #SaveLGTBQLives and Trevor's website.

TrevorLIVE Large-screen Animated Logo

In 2016, the semi-annual fundraising gala TrevorLIVE New York was hosted at The Marriott Marquis in Times Square. The 29,000-square-foot Broadway Ballroom where the gala took place features large screens behind and flanking the stage. I brought TrevorLIVE's signature logo and bokeh background to life with a twinkling lights display that looped on stage during celebrity presentations and performances.

Animated display at TrevorLIVE TrevorLIVE ballroom

The Trevor Project Annual Report FY2015

The concept for The Trevor Project's Annual Report for fiscal year 2015, "Together Saving Young LGBTQ Lives", was modeled after Humans of New York. Throughout the microsite and intro video (both of which I designed and developed) youth, volunteer, and donor quotes were balanced with statistics of Trevor's lifesaving programs. Watercolor blots and backgrounds were splashed throughout the report to create fluid, engaging transitions and represent the diversity and spirit of the LGBTQ community.