PowerOn is a partnership between non-profits organizations Straight But Not Narrow, human-I-T, LGBT Tech, and The Trevor Project to provide new and used technology to underserved LGBTQ youth. Donated technology is refurbished, loaded with helpful lifesaving information and resources, and redistributed to LGBTQ centers, youth shelters, and individuals who need it the most.

The organizers of PowerOn asked me to design an infographic for use on their website and marketing materials explaining their donation and refurbishing process. I created a circular graph and conventional icons to represent the stages of their redistribution cycle.

PowerOn partnership design

Suicide Prevention Month

During the month of September, The Trevor Project launched a Suicide Prevention month campaign to raise awareness and connect young people with valuble resources and support networks. The campaign included downloadable Self-Care and Suicide Prevention guides. The guides were also segmented up into individual graphics for use on social media throughout the month.

Self-Care Guide Suicide Prevention Month poster

Lifeline Infographic

A key part of creating a sense of immediacy and purpose with supporters is informing them of what their donations directly fund. The concept of clocks and time increments were used to represent Trevor lifeline shifts. The individual designs were included on the Classy campaign platform, social media, and large-screen graphics at gala events.

Fundraising Infographic